Long Ago

Guide vocal with 2010 cast:

Performance Track:

Dr. Chilton:

Long ago the world was new

You looked at me. I looked at you.

And in your eyes I saw my life

But then my joy was torn to strife

Aunt Polly:

I saw in you a glor’ious dream

A noble Knight, or so you seemed

I thought my world with you was true

Then you were gone, my life was blue.

Dr. Chilton:

How did it happen?

Aunt Polly:

What did I say?


Did we allow fear to stand in our way?

Dr. Chilton:

Now again the world is new

Aunt Polly:

You look at me. I look at you.


And in your eyes I see a glow

Another chance for love to grow.


Slightly Faster Performance Track: