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"Murder Show" explores the author’s journey through the quirky world of murder mystery dinner theatre. Bill Scurato, after pursuing an early career in traditional community theatre, crossed-over into the niche genre, almost as a means of necessity. His experience yielded the stark realization that expensive musical productions were far more appealing to the typical audience member, than the non-musical straight plays. His transition into producing occasional murder mysteries attempted to provide an alternative to that preference. Over the course of twenty years, the genre became a popular mainstay in his theatre’s repertoire. In "Murder Show," Scurato shares his experience in creating and executing a tried and true formula for success. He includes three of his original scripts with pre- and post commentaries. He explores the positive, as well as negative elements of production. Also, he examines the experience from the perspective of the actor. All in all, "Murder Show" provides diverting and, hopefully, valuable advice for anyone considering the prospect of tackling the genre.

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