Pollyanna Cast Specifics

Principal Roles And Suggested Ages (ages are not set in stone)

Pollyanna—strong vocal and acting— 8-15

Aunt Polly—strong vocal and acting— 12-15

Nancy, the house keeper- strong vocal and acting— 12-15

Tim, the mechanic- strong vocal and acting— 12-15

Christina- Aunt Polly’s gardener—  strong acting 10-15

Mr. Pendleton-  strong vocal and acting— 12-15

Dr. Edmund/Eliza Chilton- strong acting— 12-15

Martha, cook- good vocal and acting  8-15

Mrs. Snow, ill neighbor- good vocal and acting  8-15

Millie Snow- good vocal and acting 8-15

Jimmy/Beatrice Bean - good vocal and acting 8-15

Reverend Franklin/Francine Ford-  strong vocal and acting— 12-15

Mrs. McGillicutty, good vocal and acting —8-15

Mrs. Bouregard -good vocal and acting -8-15

Mrs. Hoffinfeffer- good vocal and acting -8-15

Gianna-(solo)-good vocal and acting -8-15

Hortense (solo) good vocal and acting- 8-15

JoAnn (solo) good vocal and acting  8-15

Gertrude-  Mrs. Pendletons assistant- strong acting 8-15

Of course we’ll definitely need a good singing and acting ensemble -8-15

Other Ensemble characters: Townsfolk, orphanage residents and such :








We hope you’ll join us.  

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