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IIn her formative years she viewed the sky as the limit. But things had not played out as expected for Lisa Lesinki-Stratton.  As a high schooler, her life was familiar.  She was the head cheerleader and her boyfriend, Mark, the captain of the football team. She was happy to be known as Mark’s girl. But when Lisa joined the cast of the school musical, despite her cheer coach’s psychotic objections, Mark was far less than supportive. Lisa’s disappointment was foreboding.

Now at age 30, she sets forth on a new path to procure self reliance, personal accomplishment and, above all, a loving and secure life for her eight year old daughter. This portal is opened through the unlikely opportunity fostered through a local theatre company.  In Rag Doll,  Lisa’s story is told in alternating chapters documenting both her current challenge of renewal, as well as the journey that got her here.

Scholastic drama programs may serve as safe havens for the disenfranchised in the sometimes harsh reality of school…and the world.  Lisa utilizes the affective power of the theatre to battle and eventually triumph over each of her challenges. She becomes a positive role model for theatre kids and adults seeking validation in their passion.

Available in Paperback and Kindle formats here.

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