"The Golden Harmonica"

A Victorian Melodrama

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July 21, 2021

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The play is set at the turn of the 20th century.  Jebediah A. Joseph is a successful manufacturer of pianos. In recent years the company has been mostly managed by Jebediah's loyal secretary, Hannah. She is an invaluable asset to the company but is taken for granted by Joseph and his son Jeremiah, Junior (a hapless ne'er do well.)  One day Hannah presents her boss with a prototype of a sleek, modern harmonica, which she has designed and constructed. She suggests the instrument be produced by Jebediah's company. Both Jebediah and Junior, laugh hysterically in ridiculing the notion.

Feeling the disrespect, Hannah abruptly resigns and sets off to produce the harmonica on her own.  Her mother, Minerva, is shocked at the news and concerned about the wisdom of Hannah's decision.  But Hannah is smart and determined.  Before long, Hannah is shipping 1,000 harmonicas per month.  Her success spreads far and wide.  She even receives an order for a solid gold harmonica from Queen Victoria.

Meanwhile, without Hannah's expertise, Jebediah's piano company has hit the skids. He and his son, Junior, are about to go under.  But Lucretia Littenbower, Junior's femme fatale obsession, devises a plan to spy on Hannah and save them all.

Hannah has attracted the attention of Cornelius Cobb, the local deputy sheriff. After Hanna and Cornelius agree on their first dinner date, Lucretia makes a play to distract the deputy.  At the same time, Jebediah and Junior conspire to trick Hannah into signing her company over to them.  

In the end, Debuty Cobb resists Lucretia's bamboozlement and heroically saves Hannah and her mother from Junior's vile plot.

Approximate Running Time: 20-30 minutes

Cast Details:


A jovial connection between the audience and the action of the show.

Hannah Honkenfeffer

Our “heroine”- a smart, talented and independent woman.  She's designed, developed and planned the marketing  of an exquisite harmonica.  As a feminist entrepreneur, she's significantly ahead of her time. She's hopeful of finding love, but perfectly capable of living without it.

Jebediah A. Joseph

Founder and president of a successful piano manufacturing company.  In recent years he has designated the task of running the operation of the firm to his secretary, Hannah. Because of this, he has become incapable of managing it himself.  When Hannah leaves the company, he grows desperate to save his fortune.

Jebediah A. Joseph, Jr.

Jebediah's son and heir apparent to the piano fortune. He is a lazy, selfish and arrogant snob.  Our “villain,” he will stop at nothing to achieve his egocentric intent. He is also blinded by his desire for the feminine charms of Lucretia.

Lucretia Littenbower

A femme fatale who seeks financial security through whatever wicked means at her disposal.  

Minerva Honkenfeffer

Hannah's widowed mother - A fun-loving golden girl, totally devoted to her daughter.  She still maintains a spark for potential male companionship.  

Cornelius Cobb

Our “hero.”  The local deputy sheriff.  He is exceedingly principled and maintains the highest of moral standards.  He is genuinely captivated with Hannah and hopeful of making her his bride.


Several additional actors may be utilized as an ensemble to present various visuals and represent the harmonica factory workers.

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