Original scripts for youth, school and community theatre productions written by Bill Scurato


Princess Louise of Wonderhaven

A friendly and energetic representative of the royal family, Princess Louise is a positive contributor to the well-being of the Wonderhaven.  Her brother, Prince Louie, is her best friend. She serves as a link between the characters onstage and the audience.

King Cholly The Jolly

Royal King of Wonderhaven.   A fair and just king, Cholly exhibits a phenomenal sense of humor.  King Cholly loves to laugh.  He is married to Queen Mary the Scary.

Queen Mary The Scary

Cholly’s domineering wife and step-mother to Louise and Louie.  Queen Mary is motivated by her own self-interest and that of her whiney son, Lollop.

Prince Louie

Royal Prince of Wonderhaven and next in line for the throne.  Louie is in love with Princess Lily of the Glen and wants desperately to marry her.  He’s somewhat clumsy in his dealings but a good man who will likely make for a great king.   His best friend is his sister, Louise.

Princess Lily

Royal Princess from the neighboring Kingdom of the Glen.  She’s smart and classy.  But, being from the Glen, she wears a lot of green…maybe a little too much.  She wears it well, though and Louie loves her.  She’s in love with Louie and wants to marry him as much as he wants to marry her.

Herald Harold

Royal Herald in the kingdom of King Cholly The Jolly.  A loyal servant who proclaims the comings and going of court with some kind of wind instrument.  (Directors are free to use their imaginations here.)

Lady Cornelia

Maid servant in the court of King Cholly and Queen Mary.   She has grown up with Louie and has shared many coming of age moments with him.  She always assumed they would, one day, be married.  To say the least, she’s disappointed with the way things turned out.

Lord Lollup— The Queen’s son from her first marriage. Kind of a sissy, Lollop has had eyes for Lily, but she has not returned the attention.  He is very upset about the proposed marriage between Lily and Louie and has complained to his mother, the Queen.

Princess Mystery Characters