The Troupe is a potential web video series about a somewhat dysfunctional acting company which produces very dysfunctional murder mystery productions for dinner theatre.

Principal Characters of The Troupe

Clark Clerk- Nerdy, bespeckled clerk by day, faux-macho “actor” by night.  Jekyll & Hyde like.   Brings excellent comic quality to his roles. Somewhat nervous in real life. Brow beaten by the women with whom he works. Likes the ladies but generally unlucky in love. Usually pragmatic and centered but will become variably extreme to impress a woman of interest.

Bill Benbarker-  Writer and director of the troupe.  Serves as narrator and liaison with viewers.

Alexis Collins - Mysterious and soft-spoken. Tends to portray paranoid characteristics....sometimes to an extreme. Will only reveal her day job as “government”   Has difficulty with comedy, but the perfect femme fatale. Often cast as the murderer in mystery productions.

Pamela Puttermunch-  Excellent comic actress. Very physical and outwardly sexual. Great sense of humor but tortured by love.  Works by day at the deli next door and is romantically involved with the married Yummycake deliveryman.

Lacey Watson-Davies- MILF. Very dramatic in thought, word and deed. Has always been an actress onstage and in real life. A bit of a “diva,” although she’d never admit it.  Several marriages.....many liaisons.  Inwardly sad at her failure at domestic tranquility. Living on her alimony.

Bobby Barrymore-  An “ACTOR” in the troupe.  A bit narcissistic. A real “theatre person” for better or worse.  Speaks in a deep put-on voice (which sometimes inadvertently drops out)  Projects a high opinion of himself, but is actually quite shy and insecure.  

Al Spuddlesnug- The Yummycake delivery man.  He seems to be genuinely attracted to Paula. However,  he’s in a bad marriage and can’t seem to find a way out.

Melinda Spuddlesnug-  Al’s wife.  Hard core butt kicker. Takes no prisoners. No longer interested in Al, but won’t let him go without her quid pro quo.

Detective Dick Duntuquik- Curtainsville, NJ, police detective. On a mission to enforce a 200 year old ordinance prohibiting adultery. Meanwhile, he seems to have some skeletons in his own closet.

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